About Us

Signature Polish has a rich history as a family owned business since 1926. In the 20's, as now, there was a need in America to help keep homes and businesses looking beautiful with little effort. The founder of Signature Polish saw that need and with the finest ingredients obtainable for cleaning and protecting surfaces he formulated Signature Polish.

For three generations Signature Polish has been keeping the finest multi-surfaces polished. Check out our uses page for all the surfaces Signature Polish can clean. We are as successful today as in years past because the polish works. Based in Dayton, Ohio, Signature Polish has not given in to an automated calling system. Each call receives personal attention and the customer service you deserve.

Signature Polish can polish multiple surfaces. Success story after success story comes our way and can be read on our testimonials page. One customer was struggling with green spots on an expensive outdoor water fountain. She had tried multiple cleaners with no success. After using Signature Polish as directed the spots were gone never to return.

Give us a call on our toll-free number and we can tell you more about what Signature Polish can do for you.